Listing Of Services - Leadership Builder


Leadership Training

Do you – and your people – possess the leadership skills that are essential for your business to survive, to profit and to grow? Leadership Builders, LLC offers individual and group leadership training with a focus on the skills necessary to build an organization that stands out from the crowd in any economic climate. You’ll learn invaluable crisis management tactics, advanced leadership strategies and the skills to both become the best leader you can be, and to develop other leaders who are innovative and effective.


Business Evaluations

Is your business developing and nurturing the leaders you need to succeed? Who are the individuals with the right stuff to take your business to the next level – and what do they (and you) need to do to get there? Our professional business evaluation service will measure the values and effectiveness of your leadership team in key areas including: communication, integrity, accountability, skills, vision, development and empowerment.


Leadership Workshops

Could your leadership team use some help overcoming obstacles, inspiring others or up-leveling your business performance? Our leadership workshops are custom-designed to address your company’s leadership needs and provide on-the-spot solutions that will make a difference. We’ll discuss your issues and goals, develop a program to address them, and deliver that program to you and your people, either on site, or at an outside venue.


Leadership Boot Camps

Does your leadership team need time out to come together, boost their skills, clarify their goals and set a course for reaching them? Our leadership boot camps are the ideal solution. These intense training sessions combine peer-to-peer interaction, cutting-edge research, and tested and proven methods to help you and your team become better leaders. We’ll delve into topics including leadership vs. management, goal setting and planning, motivating others, measuring performance, change management, communication skills and much, much more.


Team Building

A great team consists of a group of people dedicated to doing their individual best while working together to reach a common goal. Unfortunately, some of these can get lost in the midst of the day-to-day challenges of operating your business. Our team building workshops are designed to bring your team together to refocus their energy on working as a cohesive unit that delivers the best possible outcome for your business.


Meeting Facilitation

Meetings don’t always accomplish what you want them to – they get off track as individuals pursue their own agendas or lose sight of goals. Our professional meeting facilitation service will take individual personalities and issues out of the equation, keeping your meeting moving in the right direction with a professional, laser-sharp focus on the goals you want to accomplish to move your business forward.


Strategic Planning Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Where do you want to be five or ten years from now as a business, and/or as an individual? Our professional coaching and consulting services can help you get there. Just like top athletes who need professional coaches to guide them through setting, meeting and exceeding the right goals, our professional coaches understand that business people also need guidance to move through setbacks, pitfalls and even success to reach the next level. If you’re ready for the journey, we’re ready to take you there.