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As one of the few leadership training firms created and run by former top-level business executives, Leadership Builder, LLC offers leadership training with a notable difference from traditional training and mentoring services. That difference is our real-world practical experience. Unlike most professional leadership trainers, we have personally dealt with the pressures associated with coordinating hundreds of people into a single cohesive team dedicated to working together toward one common goal. At Leadership Builder, we have run, managed, and operated companies that depended on the development and training of dozens of effective leaders who could be relied on to inspire their people and get the job done every time. Other leadership trainers simply cannot offer the real-life expertise of Leadership Builder. We’re experts at providing leadership training with your needs in mind, specializing in areas like team building, strategizing, efficiency, employee retention and growth, productivity, and increasing revenue. The Leadership Builder team is able to walk comfortably in the shoes of our clients because we come from that world and have been there ourselves. We understand the perspective of top-level executives as well as the unique challenges high-level professionals face. We can offer advice that is both motivational and inspirational as well as knowledgeable, relevant and informed about the world in which our clients live and work. That’s the Leadership Builder Difference.

















Why Choose Us

  1. Leadership Builder, LLC is one of the few leadership training organizations offering training by former top-level executives.
  2. Facilitator Norman S. Cohen has over four decades of high-level experience teaching professionals to lead.
  3. Our workshops are specifically tailored to the challenges professionals face.
  4. Our facilitators have the hands-on experience needed to guide you through pitfalls and help you achieve your goals.
  5. Leadership Builder facilitators are certified by world-renowned Master Coach and author John C Maxwell.


I have known Norman Cohen for some time now and have become best acquainted with him as we have worked together on the Presidents Advisory Counsel for the John Maxwell Team. I've witnessed Norm make great contributions on this counsel and every sub committee he serves. He stretches me in our conversations and I highly recommend him as a Leadership Coach.
Scott Fay, Vice President of the John Maxwell Team